Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I was thinking about how much I did not want the spaghetti I was planning to make for dinner when Art walked in the back door and asked if I wanted to go out. We went to Sakura, a Japanese restaurant on West Street in Germantown.

Sakura has been one of my favorite restaurants in Memphis since I was introduced to it two years ago. Among many other things, they serve a unique selection of sushi rolls that I like to refer to as "southern style." They are huge- two big, messy bites a piece. And, a lot of them are deep fried. If you have never tried sushi, come to Memphis and try these. I think they would seems somewhat normal to even the most sheltered American eater.

Tonight we ordered the Bubba, Joyce, and Tiger Eye rolls- all containing fully cooked fish since I'm pregnant and raw seafood is a no-no.

In previous posts I have expressed my reservations about taking Jacob out to eat. I was a bit nervous about tonight's dinner, but Jacob pulled out his best restaurant manners- well, if we don't count shoving fist-fulls of noodles in his mouth as bad manners. Seriously, he was so pleasant throughout the meal. The only time he got grumpy was when we had to leave. He really enjoyed the Yaki soba noodles (buckwheat noodles with chicken, Chinese cabbage, carrots, and some kind of sauce) and the Miso soup. Maybe we should eat out more often...

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