Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moroccan Lentil Soup- Only no Lentils and not really Moroccan

Even though the outside temperature in Memphis was almost 100 degrees, I was wanting some soup.  I had a recipe for Moroccan Lentil soup stored in my favorites on the app that I wanted to try.  The recipe called for some of my favorite spices: cardamom, cayenne pepper, cumin, and fresh ginger.  This had to be good.
Only, Kroger did not have lentils- a seemingly necessary ingredient for lentil soup.  I picked up a bag of split peas instead.  This seemed like a reasonable substitute. 
As many reviewers noted, the spices called for are more Indian than Moroccan.  So, I made some naan to complete the protein of the bean and legume rich soup that smelled delicious as it finished cooking in the crockpot.  (A reviewer on the website said he made the soup in the crockpot, so I did the same.)  
The flavor of the soup turned out to be flat- which was odd given the rich spice content.  It tasted like it needed a ham hock or some other kind of rich, fatty something.  Despite this,  it was still pretty good and obviously healthy. 

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