Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Curry and Naan

Tonight I made Indian-style curry and naan.  I loved the intense flavor and spice of the vegetable curry paired with creamy yogurt and naan.  However, Jacob wouldn't touch the curry and Art didn't say anything about the food, which usually means he doesn't like it.  But, don't let that stop you from trying this spicy and healthy recipe from Cook's Illustrated.  It is the most flavorful way to eat cauliflower, chickpeas, potatoes, and peas I have ever experienced.

All those veggies require some serious chopping.  Conveniently, my new Pampered Chef knives arrived today.  These knives are amazing!  The only other time I can remember being this excited about kitchen tools was when I got my Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  Using sturdy, sharp knives makes a huge difference when prepping food.

Tomorrow, Art leaves for a conference in Italy.  Since he will be in one of the world's most famous culinary countries, he has offered to contribute a few guest posts to the blog.  I'm pretty excited to hear about his experiences.    

Practical Note:  Curry will stain!  The spot is still on my shirt after the first wash.  I'll see if it comes out in the second...

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