Thursday, October 7, 2010

Delta Sky Club in Miami

Guest Post by Art Carden
I'm presenting a paper at a conference in Italy this weekend, and I agreed to guest post about my culinary adventures.  After a stop at the McDonald's at the airport in Miami, I decided (on the recommendation of my friend Bob Lawson) to spend the $50 for a one-day pass to the Delta Sky Club.  Since I had about a five-hour layover, I figured it would be worth it.  

It has been.  In addition to coffee, tea, and other beverages, I've been able to snack on fancy olives and enjoy their business center, which has nice little cubbies for people who need to get some work done.  It's been pretty cool.  Time to Skype with the family before (maybe) a nap and a trip to find my gate.

Fancy olives at Delta Sky Club in Miami.

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