Thursday, April 29, 2010

Repurposed Meat Loaf

Since no one really enjoyed the meat loaf I made a few nights ago, I wasn't too excited about serving the left overs for supper last night.  That is, until I came up with an idea that would transform the meat loaf into something we could all enjoy- spaghetti.  The meat loaf was basically just a big meatball, so why not make it into spaghetti?  I wasn't fully convinced that I could magically transform the meat loaf into something we liked, but it was the best idea I had.

We didn't have any spaghetti, so I used the whole wheat shells we had in the pantry.  I added two cans of tomato sauce to the rest of the meat loaf sauce to make the sauce for my pasta.  After simmering that for 20 minutes, I stirred in the crumbled up meat loaf and heated it through.

This made a flavorful, slightly spicy sauce for pasta that we all enjoyed eating.  (Jacob has been such a picky eater recently, so I was really glad he ate the pasta.)  Supper was saved!

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