Monday, February 15, 2010

Leftover Chili, Grilled Cheese, and Cute Picture

Jacob and I had fun on our first full day back together after my trip.  This morning, we went to Sam's Club and Walmart.  Jacob pushed the buggy around both stores.  I don't know how I ever shopped without him.  We arrived home exhausted, but with some great groceries.    

I did very little cooking today.  We mostly ate leftovers and sandwiches.  I balanced the heavy- and, delicious- chili and grilled cheese with a healthy amount of baby carrots.  

Jacob decided he just wanted carrots for supper.    He was still chewing his last carrot when he got in the bathtub.  By the end of the bath, the carrot was chewed and swallowed and Jacob was ready to brush his teeth (and climb on my craft supplies). 

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