Sunday, February 28, 2010

Eggplant and Goat Cheese Sandwiches

Jenny, my sister-in-law, recommended a sandwich recipe she saw in Cooking Light.  I made a variation of this tonight for our supper. 

I made a couple of minor changes with the recipe.  I did not have or use any arugula (or the oil and black pepper in which it is tossed in the recipe).  Instead of ciabatta, I used a multi-grain baguette.  This meant that, instead of two big sandwiches, we had almost two dozen mini-sandwiches.  I made the first batch with toasted bread.  Then, I realized the bread was really crisp and hard for Jacob to eat.  I made a second batch with out toasting the bread.  These turned out perfect.  Because of the small size, the bread slices held up well even when not pre-toasted. 

All three of us enjoyed having these little sandwiches for supper.  However, the potent flavor combination of pesto, goat cheese, and roasted pepper was a little too powerful.  (This is saying a lot coming from three big fans of spicy/gross mixtures.)  Next time, to tone down the intensity, I plan to use a little less goat cheese. 

(I think making these sandwiches on a baguette worked really well and would be great for a party appetizer.)

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  1. These were pretty awesome, and I agree that they would be a great party appetizer. I was wondering if they would be better served open-face on toasted bread, but I think that psychologically they might then be a little too hors d'ouvres-ish. That might make it too easy to eat way too many of them. Served closed-face, they feel more like a meal and less like an appetizer.