Sunday, March 28, 2010

Angus Beef Hot Dogs and Baked Beans

Today we returned home from our week at the beach.  We played on the beach, took walks, went to the playground, and, as on every trip we take, we ate a ton.  I will miss the beach and the fresh seafood, but I am glad to be home.

On this trip, we felt like we came a lot closer to perfecting our car trip strategy.  Quick stops about every two hours to stretch really helped us all burn some energy.  As Art wrote in his pirate post,  two of our three meals on the road were eaten at the McDonald's in Troy.  Jacob got to play while we ate.  Then, Jacob ate in the car when we got back on the road.  We also stopped at Peach Park in Clanton.  Jacob ran around the park while Art and I enjoyed peach pie and peach ice cream.

Our final stop of the trip was at Walmart and Newk's in Tupelo, MS.  Art and I agreed we would rather not eat another meal at McDonald's.  So, we stopped at Walmart and let Jacob run around.  Then, we went to Newk's and all sat down for lunch.

While at Walmart, we picked up some angus beef hot dogs, baked beans, and s'mores stuff for supper.  I "dressed up" the baked beans a bit while Art roasted our hot dogs over the fire pit.  Art further flavored his beans with chili sauce- he said it was a "win."

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