Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Pappardelle" with Bean Bolognese Sauce

Years ago, a recipe in Bon Appetit for pappardelle with bean bolognese sauce caught my eye.  The meatless bolognese sauce was very intriguing.  But, mainly, I was drawn to the picture of the thick pappardelle noodles.  I had never before seen such generously wide pasta served like spaghetti.   I noted the recipe and resolved to make it soon.

At that point I learned the reason I was not familiar with pappardelle was the mundane grocers I traditionally frequent do not carry it.  So, I filed away the recipe and forgot about it.

This week, I found the recipe and decided to make the dish with or without pappardelle.   I had half a box of lasagne noodles in the pantry.  Wouldn't those work?  I cooked and sliced each noodle into three long strips.  An Italian (or, any self-respecting pasta lover) would be horrified, I'm sure.  But, this seemed like a pretty good substitute. 

I also substituted chicken stock for the white wine and vegetable broth.

This dish contains no meat, but the combination of thick noodles, beans, and butternut squash make it a satisfying meal.  The small amount of tomato paste and whipping cream in the sauce contribute to its robust flavor.  I loved the filling sauce paired with the wide noodles.  Jacob and Art seemed to like it, too.

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