Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Sunday, I took my first trip to our local Mediterranian Grocery.  The store had a lot of items that I love- olives, sesame tahini, pita.  It also had many items with which I am not familiar but I want to try. 

I made a hummus recipe that I found years ago in Martha Stewart's Living.  It is easy to make and very good.  Sesame tahini is called for in this recipe, but it is not something most people keep in their pantry.  I would encourage you to buy some.  (It is sometimes with the peanut butter at the store.)  You will want to make this hummus a lot, so you will use the tahini.  I use the hummus as a dip for raw veggies and bread.

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  1. we LOVE hummus! i use cumin, rather than cayenne, and i often use the liquid from the can rather than oil, since i get enough fats from the tahini. and yes, i agree that tahini should be in the pantry. makes an excellent salad dressing base. if you want, i'll send you my black bean hummus recipe. the kids like it even better than the chickpea version!