Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ideas for Your Christmas List

My family is already asking for Christmas wish lists. I have such a hard time coming up with stuff to put on mine every year.
In order to help any home chefs with Christmas list writer's block, I have compiled a list of kitchen items I own and use constantly. Feel free to add them to your list this year. And, if you love something I did not include, please let me know so I may add it to my wish list.
Note: Unless specified, the links are to items similar to mine and not necessarily what I own.

Cast Iron Skillet- The one I have is not fancy. It is perfectly seasoned and great for so many uses.
Small Cutting Board- I love that my small cutting board does not hog a lot of counter space and fits in the dishwasher.
Garlic Press- The Pampered Chef garlic press is so easy to use- I don't even peel the garlic.
Pyrex Storage Set- Cooking enough food to have left overs is a big time saver. And, unlike plastic storage containers, glass containers are oven and microwave safe, enabling quick reheating.
KitchenAid 6qt Stand Mixer- This powerful machine makes quick work of mixing. I love the dough hook attachment- it does all the kneading so I don't have to. I was able to find a refurbished model on amazon at a substantial discount. It has worked great for several years.
Oster 10-speed Blender- We received this blender as a wedding gift over six years ago. It has seen a lot of use and still works great. Recently, Jacob broke the glass pitcher. I was reluctant to get a new blender, and was so excited when I found a replacement pitcher at a yard sale. Lesson: Do not let young children play with glass pitchers.
Wooden spoons- Wooden Spoons are great because they won't scratch the non-stick surface of pots and pans. Jacob chews on one when he is teething. And, I am told they make great paddles.
Stoneware- I have mentioned before how much I love baking on stoneware. Like cast iron, a stone becomes seasoned with use and eventually requires little or no grease. Things always cook evenly on a stone. I also have a stoneware bundt pan that I use when making bundt cakes. They always release perfectly from the stone and have a nice outer crust.
Box Grater- We eat a lot of cheese. Several years ago, I was sick of my plane grater and purchased a metal box grater. It is easy to use, versatile, and convenient. It has sides for large and small grates and a side for slicing. And, it is dishwasher safe.
Ice Cream Dipper- We also eat a lot of ice cream. Look no more for the perfect scoop. Pampered Chef makes it. This tool makes scooping hard ice cream easy.
POP Storage Containers
- These storage containers hold an entire 5lb bag of flour. I always transfer the contents of bags of flour or sugar to one of these containers. The contents stay fresh and are easily accessible.

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  1. I totally agree on all of these - and you know how much I like to cook! I will have to look into the POP storage containers - I have been looking for something that looks nice and works well. Thanks for the tip!
    I would have to add a cast iron dutch oven to my list. Hopefully I can find one at a garage sale, as they are pricey when new. I borrowed one from a friend and cooked all sorts of things in it, especially soup. I wanted to add iron more naturally to our diet. I hear spaghetti sauce is especially good for that, as the acid in the tomatoes leeches the iron better than other foods.