Monday, November 9, 2009

Take Out

My friend Lindsey was in town for business and was able to have dinner with me tonight.

I've mentioned before that we usually invite visitors to the house instead of taking them out to eat. It's much easier with Jacob. Since Lindsey was on an expense account, I thought she would rather eat at a nice restaurant than eat my cooking at home. (I was once a traveling business woman on an expense account and I remember how these things work.)

Back when I was initially planning our evening, I thought Art and Jacob would stay at home while Lindsey and I would go to Houston's. We would take our time catching up over a long, leisurely dinner.

The only problem was that Art had a work dinner, which meant that Jacob would spend the evening with us. I knew that with Jacob in tow dinner would be anything but leisurely. To solve this problem, I decided we would order dinner to go at the bar. Then, we could enjoy Houston's food at home.

This was a great solution! We received our food quickly and took it back to my house. Jacob ate one bite of my chicken and then had an immediate need to go to bed. After I read him a story and laid him down, Lindsey and I were able to spend the evening catching up. Takeout allowed us to have our long and leisurely dinner without the pressure that comes with taking a fifteen-month-old to a nice restaurant.

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