Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Last night, I made a chicken cordon bleu recipe I found in a Taste of Home cookbook given to me by Art's grandmother. We loved the combination of chicken, ham, and Swiss cheese.

Since the flavor is what we most enjoyed, I would like to experiment with different variations of this dish. I'm not convinced flattening the chicken and rolling it with the ham and cheese is necessary. And, the corn flake coating called for in the recipe does not seem to add much to the dish in terms of flavor- I did use bran flakes, so maybe that is the problem.

But, this recipe is relatively healthy in comparison with other cordon bleu recipes I have seen because the chicken in baked instead of fried in fat.

I served the chicken with two easy sides from the freezer: yeast rolls and steamed green beans.

This week of pre-planned meals has gone so well, I'm already excited about repeating the experiment next week. I have a few suppers in mind already...

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  1. This is hilarious. On saturday I also made chicken cordon bleu! I butterflied the chicken, pounded it out, put in canadian bacon, cheese, rolled it up, and then I fried it!

    First time I made it. Uncanny that we made it the same day!