Monday, January 4, 2010

Plan for the Week

I must confess that over the course of a week (sometimes day) I waste a great deal of my time and Jacob's time by repeatedly going to the grocery store. Making a list and buying groceries for one or two meals seems so much easier than taking time to plan and shop for the entire week. Occasionally, I do try to plan ahead, but I always forget something crucial and end up back at the store.
This week, I am determined to make only one grocery trip. I planned our meals for the week and made a (huge) list. This afternoon, Jacob and I made a two and a half hour time investment at Sam's and Walmart- these store are adjacent to one another so I count this as one trip. We bought everything we need to make the following meals for the following nights:
Monday- Oven Barbecue Brisket, Potato Salad, Sauteed Greens
Tuesday- Leftovers
Wednesday- Chicken Tortilla Soup and Home-made Tortilla Chips
Thursday- Leftovers
Friday- Chicken Cordon Bleu, Yeast Rolls, Frozen Veggie
Saturday- leftovers
Sunday- Spaghetti
I promise to let you know how this goes. If any of you have tips on remembering everything from the store, please share!

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  1. Chicken tortilla soup on Wednesday and spaghetti on Sunday! Epic win!